Bloomer by Suzanne Dorsey / Mommy

Life with Bloomer was an eventful one. If you will read in Reflections, you will see how I think back over the years of all the happenings to Bloomer and how he miraculously survived. He had many lives, and for that I am grateful. Bloomer was with me through the deaths of my Mom, Dad, and both my Brothers. Bloomer was the only one of my “family” left, and now he is gone.

Bloomer knew he was sent from God to be my guardian, not me to be his. I don’t know what I would have done without him. I knew I couldn’t make him live forever, that one day he would be gone, but he will always live on in my memories, and in my boyfriend Kevin’s memories. Kevin has been with Bloomer, too, since he was a pup. He cried alot when Bloomer died. He called Bloomer his pound puppy.

My beloved Brother Jr. taught Bloomer how to shake “give howdy” and sit. It took him 3 days, he said. But poor little Bloomer gave howdy 2 nights before he died, even though he was so sick. There will never be another one. I’ve had other pets, and though I loved them, this one was so special because he took care of me. I must find a way to be strong,
now, that’s what he wanted.


Always and forever...
Suzanne Dorsey