Blossom Girl by Judy & Ladd Green / Mommy & Daddy

I was there at my daugher’s house to make sure your Mommie, would not have trouble delivering her Litter..She had two of her Puppies without problems, but when you decided to come you were giving your Mom a hard time..I reached over and pressed in on her tummy and out you came..All brown with wrinkles..What a Beautiful Girl you were..I kept thinking during the Six weeks that you were nursing..She belongs to me. When I brought you home, you instantly fell in love with your Daddy. Your life in this world was Seven years, Seven Months..How I miss you..The Crying just doesn’t go away. You will always have a Special place in My Heart Blossom Girl..Run and Never stop just like you did when you were a Puppy..Wait for us in Heaven Our beautiful Girl.


Love you , Blossom Girl,
Blossom Girl
Judy & Ladd Green