BO by Sandra Hender / Mommy

It’s been a whole year,
my beloved little guy,
mama misses you terribly,
thinking of you makes me cry.
It just wasn’t fair,
I wasn’t ready to let you go,
but who ever is?
My precious little Bo?
I miss your sweet face,
I miss your gentle ways,
my heart is forever broken,
I yearn for the yesterdays.
When God took you home,
my world was shattered,
life seemed meaningless,
living no longer mattered.
I said a little prayer,
to our revered Lord above,
He listened and He answered,
with tenderness and love.
For at night when it’s quiet,
my mind drifts afar,
Looking up at the sky…
I see a new star.
Loving you forever,
written ©9/12/04


Loving you forever...
12, Sep 2003
Sandra Hender