Bob by Wayne and Jen Howell / Jen and Wayne

Bob came into my life when I met Wayne my now husband…. 2 and a half years ago. I fell in love with her in less than a week, and ever since then my love has grown and grown for her. She has been by my side day after day, everyday, for the past 2 and a half years. Following me, being by my side, looking up to me, being my best friend. There were nights I couldn’t sleep and would sit on the floor on her big bed and pet her head….and give her kisses until I could sleep.

Every morning she would be there when I woke up, when we came home she would be here waiting for us with those bright eyes and wagging tail. She was always there for me.

When we had to make the decision….it broke my heart into a thousand pieces. I tried to spend our last day together and soak up every second of being with her, one last time…but I knew what was coming and my heart only broke more.

She was the best dog I have ever seen. She was sweet, loyal, caring, and loved life. Never had I seen her growl or act mean. I know she is up at rainbow bridge right now, making friends, and having fun
jumping through streams, and exploring.

We love you Bob, more than you know baby girl. Never will I forget you and the love you gave me and the love I feel. Always, forever, until the end of time. We will see each other again bobbie boo, I LOVE YOU!


With undying love,
28, Nov 2007
Wayne and Jen Howell