Bobay by Lucy Pimentel / Mommy

I moved into my first apartment when I was 19 and I always wanted a cat. I first got Bobay through a friend who worked at the video store with me back in 1989. I couldn’t have asked for a sweeter cat. Bobay was the sweetest lil girl all soft, cuddly and so vocal. She had the cutestest and sweetest meow. She was so full of personality. She and I established such a strong bond over the last 17 years. She was my shadow. Whenever I brought food home or brought out the can opener she was always there chirping that she wanted some. First thing in the morning she was right there telling me it was feeding time.

She slept right next to me or at the foot of my bed every night, sat by me when I was watching TV or by the computer. She was always following me into every room I went in to. She traveled with me too when I moved to another city and then back again. Every where I went Bobay would come. She was my angel and I spoke about her to my friends and family like she was my child. I was very proud of having
such a special angel for a kitty cat.

I love her so much and it’s so hard to come to grips that she is gone. My house feels empty and things do not feel the same as they did before. I try to find comfort in knowing I gave her a great life full of love and warmth and shelter. She did the same for me. She gave me so much love and happiness over these years. She has seen me through heart aches and happiness and was always there to give me a hug. She was the best at giving hugs. She would jump on my shoulder and I would take her for rides out in the backyard or through the house or while I washed dishes.
She loved to hang on and flop there. It was the sweetest thing. She loved being that close and it was something I never experienced before or probably will ever again. My Bobay was so special and I miss her so much it hurts. It was Bobay’s time to go and I hope that she is still with me in spirit. I love you so much lil Bobay.

You made my life so much happier to have such a sweet cat like you in it. Thank you for being my sweet baby girl. You always gave mommy Bobay loves. Mommy will never forget you.


Always in my Heart,
Lucy Pimentel