BoBo & Bones

Feb. 14 2000 —— Sept. 10 2000

Dear Pauline,

We are together and as happy as could be.

We run and play all day and no one cares if we bark.

It is so much fun. We lie around in the sun on the soft grass

and swim in the cool lake. There are even play toys

some just like the ones you gave us.

We even eat the same food and have lots of treats.

The best part is there are no injections because there

is no disease here,we are all well and happy.

We do miss you that is why we come to your dreams and

their you pet and play with us.

Don’t cry one day we will be together.

We want to tell you about all the friends we made.

We met a big German Shepherd Wolfhound Cocker Spaniel

Poodle cats of all kinds snakes birds and every pet you

can think of. We all get along fine.

There is no fighting we are all friends.

The big surprise we want to tell you is that there are people here

just like you. So wipe your tears we will be together again one day

until then keep up the good work you are doing for all pets.

We love and miss you till we are together,

Love ,

BoBo & Bones

P.S Say hello to Grizzly Tuffy Brother and Bow Oh and Justin too sorry


Your Best Friends



BoBo & Bones