Bobo by Rick and Mindy / Love always,

Rick , Mindy, Buddy, Zipper

We just lost our beloved “Dobbie” 2 days ago. He was almost 13 and the light of our lives.

Bobo always loved to get into mischief. One day I made waffles for my husband and myself with a few extra to freeze. We had to run to the store before the waffles had completely cooled, so I left them on the counter. When we came home the waffles were gone. Bobo had buried them everywhere in the house. We found them for weeks buried in the couch, our clothes, under tables…you name it he probably buried it there! We laughed so hard we didn’t have the heart to punish him. After all I was the one that left them in temptations way! That was several years ago, however it is one of our fondest memories. So you can imagine our surprise when we came home the day after Bobo passed away and found a waffle on our deck. He gave us his last waffle.

We will continue to give him our everlasting love for all time.


I'll love you forever, my Dobbie Dobbie
8, Dec 2005
Rick and Mindy