Bodie by Sharon



March 25 2000


To Stoney

From Sharon

What Bodie Might Say


Apricot dreams

Essence of sage

Touching a rainbow

Turning the page.


Spirit within me

Sent into the sky

The Elders have called me

Please do not cry.


The physical me

Is all that is gone

Im here in the shadows

To play you a song.


The things that you gave me

On this physical plain

Warmth Love Devotion

Were purely my gain.


As I enter my new life

With you as my guide

I hold fondly the memory

Of you by my side.


I look in the fenced yard

Showing below

I send it some sunshine

And coax it to grow.


I come to your pillow

And stare at your grief

I wish you could see me

And feel some relief.


I have transformed

I am Earth,Water and Air

I take what you taught me

It needs to be shared.


You were the teacher

Of what I wanted to learn

I was your comfort

As life tallied its turns.


Remember the touchable

My fur to your skin

Yet know that Im with you

And you're loved from within.