Bodine Hamish by Staci & Family


The sands pass through
the hour glass
alas the time has come
to pass to see
you slip away from me.

My hand strokes your face
how I wish I could
hold you in an embrace!
Your embark has begun
to a world I have yet to see
how beautiful it must be!

Before me upon your face
I see a vision of tranquility.
An eternity of bliss
is your reward for the love you
gave to all of us
so unconditionally.

May we live by your example
as you see
you were more than
a canine companion
you were a confidante
friend and family member.
Nevermore shall there be anyone
more precious than thee.

We Love and Miss You Puppy


Staci & Dale
Lenni & Bobby
Mom & Dad

Bunna Sierra Buddy
Tiger Domenique
Ringo & Rocco


Bodine Hamish
18, Feb 2002
Staci & Family