Bogus Khan by Renee Hartman / Dad, Mom and the boys

One Last Gift

It’s been 4 months
Since our Bogus has died
Our hearts are still grieving
Many tears we have cried.

But today is different
How do I know?
Because we have a new kitty
With fur white as snow.

We didn’t find him
He found us
Slipped into our lives
Without a shred of fuss.

Could Bogus have spoken
I believe he would have said:
“Don’t grieve for me so
I’m not truly dead.

I’ve gone on to Rainbow Bridge
To my memory please be true
This one last gift
I give to all of you.

He’s a very special kitty
You will quickly come to see
Treat him well
And remember me.

I’ll peek in on you all
From time to time
I send you my love
You’ll always be mine.

When your times each come
At Rainbow Bridge I will be
We will cross it together
To Eternity.

Renee Hartman


All Our Love Forever,
Bogus Khan
5, Oct 2003
Renee Hartman