Bogus Khan by Renee Hartman / Mommy

Three months ago
My Furbaby died
I buried him
Then broke down and cried.

October 5th at 4:30 am
Was when I so sadly lost him
He fought so hard
Every step of the way
My Bogus wanted so badly to stay.

October 4th ’round 5:30 pm
He let me know
That very soon
It was his time to go
It hurt to know that!
My heartlight grew dim.

Two weeks before that
We both gave it our best
With food, water, love and rest
Soft pillows, lilic comforter
Crushed purple velvet had he
I loved him dearly
And he loved me.

I made him a promise
Beside him I would stay
To protect, guard and love him
Every step of the way.

I cleaned up the kids
Made sure they were fed
Then back to sit beside him
With a heart of lead.

At 8:30 pm
The boys were off to bed
I didn’t exactly tell them a lie
But I couldn’t tell them
Their beloved cat would soon die.

By 9:00 pm with my youngest asleep
I told my firstborn to slip out
Without a peep.
I firmly told him to tell Bogus goodbye
But not to mention the word die
He did as I said
And then slipped out
Back to his bed to cry no doubt.

After seeing my son tucked in
The house was so quiet
No noise no din
I came back to the studio
On my bed sat down
To be with my Bogus
For the final round.

Of the hours that followed
I don’t have the heart to tell
Except to say they were total hell
I turned out the lights
Lit the white candle
For this was all he and I could handle.

My vigil was long
Sad and dreary
I lightly dozed
So tired and weary
It was achingly quiet for both us
Long journey almost over
No wails no fuss.

Then suddenly
With a last loud cry
He uttered his heartbreaking goodbye
Head dropped back on velvet pillowcase
My Bogus won his final race
God swept up his soul
Took it over the ridge
To that Heavenly place
Called Rainbow Bridge.

Three months ago
Our Bogus died
Thom and I buried him
And then we cried…

Renee Hartman


Love you Sweetheart,
Bogus Khan
5, Oct 2003
Renee Hartman