Boo Bear Maximus by Will & Cari Rhea / Daddy, Mommy, Keelie & Eryn

Daddy picked you out and named you big bear. But your name became many things, Bubba, Boo Bear, Maxims or whatever name came to mind at the time!! You were the biggest out of 4 puppies born the month before Christmas, and you were going to be daddy’s Christmas present. We got you on Christmas eve and you cried all night long. Mommy took care of you like a new born baby, and even was very jealous. I think that’s when you became Mommy’s dog and not Daddy’s! You were so attached to mommy; you would follow her everywhere and you couldn’t be without her. Mommy’s little human! The way you would sleep in bed and sit on your butt. I swore you
understood every word I said.

You loved your toys, the squeaky ones the most. God how did those annoy us!! You were such a goofball the way you would play with your toys by yourself and how even though you couldn’t talk you would always rat even out. While mommy was pregnant with Keelia you became their protector. Mommy couldn’t go anywhere without you by her side. And then Keelie was born and you were her body guard. You would have become best friends. You loved to be dressed up and played with. Daddy would always put ties on your ears and mommy would always put costumes and scarves on you. When we first moved to California you won the dog contest at the PX as the best in show. You were such a pretty boy!!

We had 3 wonderful years with you, and your loyalty and need to be with mommy and daddy is what took your life. I hope in heaven there are no cars and that you have all the squeaky toys you could ever dream of. We love you very much and you will be missed more than words can say. I hope your in a good place and that you did not suffer. No dog will ever replace you. Many tears have been shed and only time will heal. But we will be with you again someday.


With all of Our Love,
Boo Bear Maximus
17, Oct 2007
Will & Cari Rhea