Boo Boo by Kymberlee

In Loving Memory

Hinchey’s Sweet Diablo Sun
05/08/92- 04/24/01

I will always remember…
How you fit in my lap when we first got you.
How you looked with your ears taped
How one flopped over your eye
Before they learned to stand up straight.
I will always remember how you walked
Strutting like you owned the world
Like you feared nothing…. except the rain.
I will always feel…
The softness of your muzzle where I’d kiss you
The scratchiness of your paws when you stuck your feet on me
The way you gave “kissies”
The way you hated the words “Uh-oh”.
How you always itched to be scratched.
Hated to take baths
And liked to have your ears “milked”.
I will remembered bronco-ing
And you running in crazy circles with your ears flat back.
How you chased birds even though you could never catch them
Barking like a wild dog.
I will remember how you answered when we said “What?”
How we had to spell in front of you
And how you even learned spelling after awhile…
No one could say “W-I-T-H”
Without your ears popping up.
I will remember singing with you.
Running with you.
Seeing you do a dance to get a cookie….
Your ferociousness with strangers.
Your gentleness with children.
Monkey sounds when you saw a kitty
And deep growls when we asked,”Who’s that?”
I will remember how you’d eat anything
Even things you didn’t want
If I threatened to “get it”.
I’ll remember your taste for cigarette butts.
How you liked to drink beer.
How your trainer called you the “macho dog”…
How you scared people
And made them love you
And presented your butt to be scratched
Like it was a gift.
I’ll remember that last walk we took
Down by the pond
When the sun came up
The way you sighed and leaned against my legs
Like you knew it was the last time.
How brave you were.
How chicken.
How loved.
How very loved.
I will remember Dah-Boh-Dee-Doo
Dog of the Darkness.
Dog of My Heart.
Good Boy Boo-Boo.
“Ah’s a good dog”.



Boo Boo
24, April 2001