Boo Boo Kitty by Lisa / Mom

Boo was a one person cat. For some reason (I guess we’ll never know), she picked me. When everyone was home she would run and hide in the bedroom closet or under the bed. When everyone but me was gone she turned into the most loving, cuddle cat. She’d meow for food, curl up in my lap, or follow me like I was the only person on earth. My husband and I found Boo 19 years ago as a kitten when we were driving home from his moms house. She ran out into the street in front of our car and she was so tiny we didn’t know what it was at first. He got out of the car and picked her up and when he got back into the car he opened up his hands and said “Look its the tiniest kitten!” We took her home and the next day we took her to the vet and she weighed 1 lb. The vet was amazed. But as the months and years went by she grew into a beautiful, healthy cat. Still, after my husband rescued her, she remained faithful and loyal to me only.

When everyone else had gone to bed and it was totally silent in the house, she’d sneak out of the closet and jump on my side of the bed, curl up with me and go to sleep. I ALWAYS had to share my ice cream with her, she’d sit next to me and tilt her little head sideways with the cutest little face I’ve ever seen.

The weirdest thing happened though about a month before she passed. She started loving everyone. She’d spend time walking throughout the house, and let everyone pet her and love on her. It was like she knew and wanted to make amends.

The last day of her life, I told her to make sure she finds Princess at the Rainbow Bridge. She loved Princess and always thought Princess was her cat mommy. I’m sure they’ve found each other and are happy to see each other. I also told her that this wasn’t the end of our friendship either. I truly believe that one day we will all be together again –
forever this time.


Miss you so much,
Boo Boo Kitty