Boog by The Poole Family / Your earth family

(This story was written several years ago – a tribute to a wonderful cat, who thought he was a dog!)

It will be two years this Christmas, since Boogitty (Boog for short) came into our home and hearts. We had no desire to bring another cat into our house and were content with the two that we’d already had.

A turkey roasting in the oven, and family all gathered; the excitement was building. The children had opened their gifts that morning, and we were expecting Grandma and Grandpa to visit. (More presents!) Our two girl cats, Scruffy and Annebelle were nowhere to be seen. The excitement is too much for them and they are getting on in years. Annebelle had been rescued the previous November, having been a house cat, suddenly abandoned to the outdoors by her owners at 13 years of age. We made the decision to bring her in, wretched as she was. For we knew that underneath the grime she was a beauty, and she is a wonderful addition to our family. It was a difficult decision even then, to bring her in, since old Scruffy would scream
if another cat came near the property.

As I said, there was a turkey in the oven, and we all know that a cat has a nose that smells many times better than a human. Someone opened the front door, and in dashed a huge blur of orange and white fur! They don’t just smell the turkey; they smell the carrots, onions, potatoes, plum pudding, shortbread – everything… This cat was HUNGRY!

Now everyone was really excited, and all at once there was a chorus from all directions, “Can we keep him? Look, he’s cold! He’s probably hungry! I’ll get him a drink!”

I’m standing there shaking my head, repeating over and over, “No, no, no, no and NO! WE DON’T NEED ANOTHER CAT!
We have too many already!!!”

There’s not enough room for the people, (a lame excuse!) and it was terribly stressful for old Scruffy, at her age to have to adjust to Annebelle, after being the only feline in our home – ever. (truth be told, Annebelle gave Scruffy new life!) And this hulk of a cat was a male to boot – he’ll likely spray all over the house, (he hasn’t) he’ll beat up on the girl cats, (he doesn’t really, it’s more like playing) and he’s so huge, he’ll probably gobble up all the food. (he eats no more than the other two) Besides, he likely has owners. (nope)

My arguments proved feeble, and even more so after Steve took a vote. Four to one, I lost…, but the deal was that we had to make
sure he had no owners.

Meanwhile, we settled in for Christmas dinner. The cat found an empty spot at the table of someone who had gone to wash up. He was quickly shooed away. Only to return and constantly swipe at our legs for attention. This cat begs like a dog! Someone gave him a morsel of turkey and he was in Kitty heaven. He picks his turkey up in his paws and chews on it from there! Unbelievable!

Within a week or so it was obvious he wasn’t going anywhere. No one seemed to miss this fella, so we named him. He was called Poorkitty alot by my husband Steve.
But it always sounded more like Boogitty. And it stuck.

This cat is remarkable. So much that I wonder if his previous owners had a dog. The first time we sat down to watch our Saturday night family movie, the minute the potato chip bag crinkled – he was there – lickety split, face right in the bag. “Aw, c’mon just give him one…” Well he doesn’t want just one. Cookies, well you have to give him one, and the same with crackers. He quickly caught on to the routine of our Saturday night movies. He’s already there in his favourite spot on the couch, waiting for Steve to sit, before we even head to the livingroom. There, he is petted and stroked for up to two whole hours! He knows a good thing when he sees it!

If someone comes to the door, Boog’s the door greeter. He drinks from the toilet, steals our socks, slippers and gloves, which when found, are so chewed up, they are barely recognizable, much less wearable. Seems like a dog in disguise!! He knows our pet birds and hamsters are off limits. Likely as they receive the same kind of affection as he does.

Boog wails if we sleep in, telling us, “Hey, I need some human contact here… wake up!”

We have turned Boogitty into an indoor cat, but do accompany him outdoors. He loves the snow, and will sit at the door wailing for someone to take him out for a romp. We live in rural Amherstburg, ON; and we get alot of moles. (sort of like tail-less mice) If you watch closely as they tear around under the snow, (which is never very deep) they will make a tunnel path – zigzagging all over the lawn. All Boog is able to see is a little lump under the snow tearing all over the lawn. This has become one of Boogitty’s favourite winter sports. It’s quite hysterical to watch. He puts up one heck of a chase, but so far hasn’t caught anything.

Boog adores Annebelle, and the two of them sleep together, on her lambskin. Annebelle is a dwarf kitty who only weighs two and a half pounds, so it’s wonderful to see Boog keeping her warm.

There is definitely a pecking order amongst our cats. Boog picks on Scruffy; she picks on Annebelle. Annebelle? Well, she doesn’t take any guff, but she does adore Boogitty right back.

I reflect back to the Christmas day, when Boogitty showed up, likely just following his nose. Completely unexpected, he brought with him, alot of laughter; he’s such an oddball and a showoff – everyone who comes here has to laugh at him. He is – by far, the best Christmas gift this family has ever received.

Deana Poole

Amherstburg, ON

2000 12 05

~ In Loving Memory Of Boog ~ Sept 2001 ~(Though we had only 3 short years with him, he will never be forgotten – he passed away after a brief, but valiant struggle with Hepatic Lipidosis).


With everlasting love,
The Poole Family