Booger by BreAuna Armstrong / Mommy Bre

Booger was my life the first minute saw him. He was the one. He was the runt of the litter and I bottle fed him for about a mouth to make sure he got his nutrition and when he got old enough I introduced him to outside and the neighborhood dogs and they loved him right away especially this one named Bright Spark. When you saw her no matter how blue you were she brighten up your day and one day they were outside and she chased him out into the street once and I scolded her and she did it again and this time there was a car coming and BOOM!

Booger got ran over by a car; she pounced on him and started biting him and she got a taste of his blood and she started snarling at me and I picked up a rock and backed away slowly and yelled at her to get of Booger. She did and she ran off and I picked Booger up and ran to the house; we rushed him to the vet and they said “to put him to sleep”. I made the biggest decision of my life “lose my best friend” or “let him suffer”. I put him out of his misery.


I will miss you always in many years time will meet again,
BreAuna Armstrong