Boomer by Larry and Leanna / Daddy, mommy, the boys and your sisters Skye and

Boomer- My Life

A puppy black and white
Living in a store and wanting a home
Crawling to retrieve a ball from two strangers.
They are laughing they are fun
Going home!

Home life is grand.
Walks all the time
Grandma feeding me anything I wanted-
especially ice cream, hot dogs and cake!
Playing at the farm, swimming in the pond
Running free with the other dogs, opening christmas
presents with my teeth piece by piece gently to get
to the treat or toy.

A new dog
My own pet to play with
She is fun and kisses me ALOT
She wants all of the food and toys
But I still know I am the Big Dog.

A new person and then another
They are little
a baby so I am gentle
They like to pull on me but I understand
I am still the Big Dog and the first child.

Getting tired the years have gone so fast
I would rather sleep than play
I still love to walk and take long drives.

I cannot walk as well now
Something is wrong
The Vet says I have a disease.
My parents look worried.

They are picking me up
They do this now
I cannot seem to do it myself anymore.
They lay me outside
On a blanket, I am glad to see the world everyday.

A new puppy.
She is full of energy
I am tired.
I do not feel like playing.
I think I am sick.

I am sick.
Sicker then ever
Mom cradles me and rubs me.
She is crying now dad is crying too.

Today I went to see the Rainbow Bridge.
It is beautiful.
I am so glad my mom and dad will one day see it too.
There are many things to do.
I cannot believe how much better I feel.
Wait is that Grandma!!!!

I will miss my family.
I will wait and play until
we meet again…

Your Gentle Giant

His favorite things:
Hot Dogs and Steak bones
Riding in the car
Visiting my dad’s farm
Taking long walks
Adoring every human he met
Sleeping on the bed
Playing with Skye (his pet dog)
Marking every bush/tree he met
Opening presents
Grandmas house
Ice Cream
Howling with the firetrucks

His Dislikes:
Big Male dogs
Mailperson or meterperson
When mom/dad went on vacation
Being unable to walk anymore


Forever our Gentle Giant,
Feb 2005
Larry and Leanna