Oh my Boomie boy, He was the best little buddy. We got him at a rescue Sept of 2014, I should say he picked us to be his parents. The minute we saw him we fell in love. He was abandoned by his prier owners and he was more then willing to make us his. He loved it when I would sing to him . He was a cuddler and kisser. Almost every night he would go into his daddy’s Man Cave and visit him and have conversations with his daddy. I would hear him and laugh so hard. His best friend was Maya, our 10 year old Australian Shepherd that has been so depressed since we lost him. I cry all the time for him. He got very sick and within 3 days he was gone. No vets to be found, all took off New Years day and the closest vet emergency was over 50 miles away and we could not get him there as my husband had a stroke and could not drive and I don’t drive. So we lost our baby boy. Boomer was the best therapy for his daddy. Boomer gave him what he needed, the sense of being needed to help take care of our little Boomer, he sure loved his Daddy. He did every thing with Boomer. Boomer gave him strength. Oh how we miss him. There is not a day that goes by that his daddy looks out the window and looks for him and then he cries. He is sadly missed by his Doggie Godparents Tonya and Stew. Boomer you were our best little boy and we miss you and love you so much. I know now you are out of pain and with Cherokee, Cheyenne and Katie. I know they waited for you as you crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Love you baby boy, mommy’s Boomie

Life will never be the same without you Boomer, We love you soooo much!!
January 2, 2018
Thomas and Linda Coleman