Bosco by Cari / Momma

I was married in September of 2006. For the 7 years before that I had a peke-a-poo. After I was married I told my husband that I wanted another one. The other one still lives with my mother. So on May 13, 2007, I called the breeder where we got our other one and she had informed me that a litter was just born that day. On July 5, 2007 I picked him up. He was a chocolate little ball of fluff. He loved sleeping on our hardwood floor and playing with his “big brother” Scotch our Brittany Spaniel. However, I was unable to get him to sleep on the couch with me or even in bed. He always drank a lot of water every chance he had. After his death a lot of people were telling me he may have been diabetic. Everyone kept telling me that things happen for a reason.

On July 21, 2007, my husband decided to go outside and grill some chicken. During a free moment, he picked Bosco up in his arms and our neighbors husky jumped about 2 1/2 feet over the fence, grabbed Bosco out of his arms, and pulled him back over onto their property. I will NEVER get that sight out of my head. I rushed him to an emergency vet but it was too late. I only had him 2 weeks. He was a day shy of 10 weeks old. I drove him the very long 4 hour drive to bury him at my mothers house. My husband even told me that he will be at the gate waiting on me when I get to see him in heaven.

On July 24, 2007, I went back to the breeder and saw a very cute little blonde peke-a-poo. He perked his ears and gave me a kiss on the chin. Now his is 2 years old and he is not allowed near larger dogs unless I know for certain they are not a threat.

Even though I had Bosco for only 2 weeks, it is still very hard. I had taken him to work everyday with me. He even had learned to go inside a horse stall to go “potty”. He was learning a lot of things very fast. I miss him to this day and always carry around a picture of him.

I work at a national pet store chain and always try to warn people of the dangers when going for walks with their small dogs.


Bosco, you will always be, "Momma's Tiny Man",