Bowie by Dee

Bowie was my best buddy for nearly 14 years before he became ill with CRF and passed. I did everything I could to try and save him but he was just too far gone and I then realized as I looked into his beautiful green eyes that he was asking for me to let him go with peace. It was hard the day the vet came to the house to give him the shot but Bowie took it all in stride as best as he could and he was very calm while I wrapped my arms around him and said good-bye to my very best buddy I have ever had.

I have so many good memories of him like how he always liked to sleep on top of my head or snuggle under the covers with me when it was wintertime. He also liked to talk to me alot sometimes for no good reason that I could see and sometimes he liked to yell at me for not keeping his food dish full enough. Even though it has been 10 months since I lost him I still hurt inside and miss him much. But when it gets real bad for me I think to myself that Bowie wouldn’t want me so unhappy then I remember to myself the wonderful years we had and that helps to take away some (not all) of the pain. I Love You Bowie and will see you in Heaven when God sees fit.

Love Always Your Mommy & Best Buddy Dee


13, January 2000