boyce by Rachel Frisby / Lots of love your best friend Rachel

Can’t wait to see your face again
We will play together in the summer rain.
Run through the fields
overjoyed to be together
Knowing nothing can part us ever.

The colours of the rainbow
will reflect
from the sky
And catch in the glimmer
of our eyes.

Holding you in my arms close to me again.
Will be a dream come true my special friend.
Until that day you will be in my heart as it’s the only place we are never apart.

I know you have visited me to say I’M HERE to try to take away my pain and fear.
I send you my love every day
Nothing will ever take that away.

Can’t wait to join you
in that place far away from
the human race.
Coz my darling can’t you see
being at the rainbow bridge means
we will be finally free …..


Kiss your brothers faces for me will love you forever my michevious cheeky boy
26, Sep 2014
Rachel Frisby