Bozwell by Sara


" Bozwell "

June 1990 ------- Aug. 1991

Teddy Bear Chow Chow

My Baby My Son,

though not from my womb

You were my child.


You were not of my flesh and blood

yet you were part of my soul.


I regret I can not be with you any longer

you were with me such a short time.


Your warm brown eyes and funny intelligent face

greeted me every morning

and saw me to sleep each night.


You loved unconditionally

even when I laughed at your antics.


You brought so much out of me

No other will replace you in my heart or my soul.


My friend my companion my love,

I was given no choice but to say good-bye too soon.


I regret our time is over but

I look forward to the day I will see you again.


I will never forget you.

You are in my heart my soul.