Brandi by Jolene / Mommy


You came to me at 9 years old, Brian couldn’t take care of you anymore and wanted you to have a good home. Instantly becoming my companion, my best friend, my shoulder to cry on, we had a special bond. People talk to their animals and I certainly did, and it seemed you listened to and understood every word.

In the first three years we lived together we went though a lot. You were so much more than a pet, you stayed by my side when I was sick, did your best to protect me from and abusive man, putting yourself in harms way. We left that horrible place and went to live with my family, you fell in love with my parents and they fell in love with you.

We spent 2 years there together and you spent your last year with them when I moved to a place that I couldn’t take you. Though I missed you terribly I knew you were safe, well taken care of and happy. I still came to see you as much as I could. Who would have guessed the pain of missing you would have to get worse.

The last year of your life you went through so much. The surgery for your back leg due to a torn ligament, your severe arthritis, not being able to take the medication because it made you sick. You lost 11 lbs in a months time, had so much trouble getting up and down, and for the last few weeks you had even stopped eating. We took you to the vet but they couldn’t find a problem.

Then that awful week in August, after some new blood work we discovered you had liver problems, kidney problems, and even a tumor. You no longer ate anything, even treats and people food (usually a big no no, but I couldn’t stand seeing you not eat) wouldn’t persuade you to eat. Momma’s so sorry she had to let you go, it just hurt to see you suffering. Putting you to sleep was the hardest decision I’ve ever had to make, and I pray it was the right one. I sat with you the entire time, letting you know just how much I loved you and was going to miss you.

The only thing that keeps me going is knowing you’re no longer in any pain. You can run and play and do all the things you could no longer do on this earth. I also know deep in my heart that one day I will see you again, and we will cross over that bridge into heaven together. Until then I know you and Koko are up there playing together and
just waiting for us to join you.

You are always in my heart
I love and miss you so very much!!


All My Love, Hugs and Kisses,