Brandi by Kari / Your best friend, Kari

My dear sweet Bran-doggy,

I miss you more and more as the days and years pass by. You were my best friend and now my best friend is gone and there’s no replacing you. I went through so much over the years and you were ALWAYS right there by my side to support me. But now, I don’t have you and it breaks my heart everytime I think of you. I still have you on my mantel and will never part from your ashes, they’re all I have left of you.

I hope that you are waiting for me when it’s my time to come to Heaven. It will be the happiest day ever! You were perfect in every way and saved my life more than once and I saved yours too. You are one in a million and we could never find another that would be as great as you were.
The entire family misses you.

I wish you could come back to me, I need you in my life. I am so sorry that you had to suffer your last couple of days and I would do anything to have taken your pain away. The only way I knew how was to have you put to sleep, which will haunt me forever. To literally hear your heart stop beating and fall into my arms was and still is a nightmare and I’m so sorry, but I just couldn’t let you hurt any longer.
I hope you understand…


I love and miss you so much;

27, June 2002