Brandy Alexander by Terry & Barbara Beck-Olson / Mommy, Daddy & Mitzi

It was 2 years ago yesterday (2/9/04) that you (Ref. 27006) crossed over Rainbow Bridge. As I write this the tears are streaming down my face. We miss you so much! Your companion, Mitzi Malone, goes on without you as well. She will be fifteen this June 10th and we are so happy to still have her with us. Everytime we see another American Eskimo we see you. You were and still are our “precious baby boy”.

You etched a big place in our hearts and will live there forever. We go to visit you at the cemetery and know that somewhere down the road we will have to place your companion, Mitzi Malone, next to you. Time goes on but yet it stands still.


Forever in our hearts and thoughts.
Brandy Alexander
Terry & Barbara Beck-Olson