Brandy Arviso by Mary Arviso / Mommy

BRANDY MY LOVE MY LIFE I`ll never forget
that first day that we met,
Our first little journey was to go see the vet.
She said you were so cute, fine and dandy.
I took you home and named you Brandy.

Little did I know how much my life would change,
With this new little girl, I`d have to rearrange.
I never could have imagined that special bond and love we would share.
My life is so happy now
I ponder how can this be fair?

This was the true love I`d searched for all these years,
She has taken away my lonely nights and
put an end to my fears.
I know one thing for sure, you are my first true love, God has sent you to me from heaven above.

You are so darn cute you put a smile on every face that comes your way, I just can’t imagine my life without you not even for a single day.
My bed is so warm now with you by my side, you love to wake up in the morning and go for a ride.

Grandma always goes for a donut and shares it with you.
I think she loves you as much as I do.
You have brought us so much joy and extreme happiness, yes, my dear sweet Brandy, you truly are the best.

I think of you each and every second of the day. I can’t wait to get home to you so we can go out and play.
We are now going on six devoted years of being together, with you by my side it doesn’t get any better.

Mommy and grandma packed up the truck and we were off on vacation, after two days of travel, we reached our final destination.
You suddenly got sick and I didn’t know what to do. We took you to the hospital and they put you in ICU.
I had no idea of what was yet to come, now I ask myself how could I have been so dumb.

The doctors are working on you all day and all night, my sweet little baby you`re putting up such a fight.
This whole ordeal has lasted so many days, my sweet darling Brandy you seem in such a haze.

For eight long days they took test after test, everyone knew they were trying their best.
You were becoming so weak they gave you blood transfusions, still after all of that they hadn`t come to any conclusions.
Your tiny little body was starting to shut down, I should have known then you may not come around.
I called back home and aunt Karen flew here on the plane,She took one look at you and I knew our lives will never be the same.

At last my little black pekingnese girl just couldn’t take anymore, she looked up at Heaven and
GOD opened the doors.
I have no doubt you will be the angel in heaven that you were here on earth, I know this because you`ve been an absolute angel since the day of your birth.

We never gave up, we fought till the bitter end,how could I give up on my furry best friend.
Lifes just not the same without you by my side anymore, I`ve stopped walking down to the neighborhood store.

I don’t know how to go on without you buy my side,when you left my life the best part of me died.
I cant even go to the refrigerator for a bite to eat, I expect to see you there right at my feet.

I miss you so much that the pain is beyond belief, I look at your pictures and toys but theres no relief.
We spent so many nights watching TV and eating popcorn, I never dreamed then that I`d someday forever mourn.


You were my love you were my life,

Love ,
Brandy Arviso
11, Aug 2004
Mary Arviso