Brandy by Brenadette / Mom, Dad, Stephanie, Christianne & Stephen


May 26, 1990 —– Nov. 25, 2001

Golden Retriever


As I looked upon the ocean’s shore
A beautiful sight did I see,
A golden beauty full of life
Was running straight for me.

At first I didn’t recognize
her joyful, playful face,
You see it’s been a long time since
I’ve seen her at this place.

About eleven years or more
I sent her to your place,
To love, to care for, and enjoy
Her beautiful golden face.

I want to thank you for taking her
And teaching her many new things,
But knowing that she’s come home again
A sadness to your heart it brings.

Please don’t sit and question why
Things happen as they do,
For as I bent to pat her head
She whispered that she loves you.

Don’t let your heart be saddened
By your golden beauty’s fate,
For one day you will see her again
As we meet you at Heaven’s gate.

Written in loving memory
of our
“Golden Beauty,” Lady Brandy Alexandra


May 26, 1990-Nov. 25, 2001
25, Nov 2001