Brandy by Mary Lou, Bernie and Beau / Mom, Dad and Beau

We lost our beloved Brandy today, and our hearts are broken.She brought so much love and happiness into our lives. She was our daughter, our little girl, our sassy Ninja. I remember when I picked up a newspaper, and she would crawl on my lap to pull my attention from the paper to her.I remember her cocking her head when we asked if she wanted to go for a ride or take a walk.

I remember her kissing my tears away when I cried, licking my face with her precious little tongue. I remember how she greeted everyone, with her little body shaking in excitement, her tail wildly wagging until you returned her greeting. I remember how she snuggled in bed with us, always needing to touch one of us, until the very end.
This week was heart-breaking.

Her kidney failure was very fast, robbing her of her joyful, exuberant life, and robbing us of her comfort, companionship and love. I held her in my arms, a familiar and loving embrace, as the doctor put her to sleep and ended her suffering. We hold her in our hearts, now and always, and are so very grateful for the wonderful years
with her at our side.

The fullness of our love for her causes an unbelievable emptiness in our world. Until we meet again,
my precious little girl.


Love You Always,
5, Nov 2005
Mary Lou, Bernie and Beau