Brandy by Norman & Anne Howard / Norman & Anne

This is the saddest day in Anne’s and my life. I know she was only a dog to others, but she was our very best friend.
She was a big dog, a boxer shepherd, and she had so many nice little ways that you could not help but truly love her. I feel sure that she loved us too.
We feel so happy that we gave her our love, a good part of our life, and made sure that she was very well looked after, and never ill treated.
She was about 14 years old, and we never knew that she was really sick until today. After spending eleven hours in the animal hospital and taking numerous tests, they found out that she had severe cancer.
She did appear to sleep a lot this last few weeks, and the last few days stayed very close to Anne and I. I firmly believe that she knew she was ill.
We could not possibly bear the thought of her being in any kind of pain, and when the doctor finally told us that the cancer was very bad indeed, we had her put to rest peaceably, and without pain.
We will miss our Brandy so very, very much.
Brandy we will never forget you and always love you.
Goodbye. Norman and Anne.


We love you Brandy
24, May 2005
Norman & Anne Howard