Brandy by Sharon & Cecil Maness / Sharon

Brandy was our Dingo dog
She could really run and jump over a log.
She was to be my husband’s hunting dog
She was black and white
and loved to run with all her might.
We had her for many years
But one day she left us in tears.
Her last several years she was blind
but she still new how to mind.
We got her when she was very small
it was at the K-Mart mall.
Brandy had a sister named Mitzi
they used to chase each other until they’d be dizzy.
They both lived to be quite old.
But Mitzi was the first to go as I am told.
Mitzi belonged to Grandparents Rodney and Grace
and she loved to try to kiss your face.
I brought them home from the Tri Cities.
For people who don’t like dogs I say “What a pity”.
At the time I brought them home
we already had two other dogs of our own.
Penny who was black and her puppy, Peppy who was white.
And how Peppy did love to fight.
Peppy and Brandy never got along
I could tell you about it but it would take to long.
Brandy left us late one night
It was just before it got to be daylight.
We buried her in the mountains which she loved
and prayed to God above.
It’s been ten years now since she died,
it left us feeling all empty inside.


We will always remember Brandy,
3, June 1995
Sharon & Cecil Maness