Brandy Frank;in by Jessica Franklin / Mommy

I adopted Brandy from the humane society of Inverness, Fla back in 2004 of Nov. She was between 7-9months old; the vet told me. Brandy was the best dog you could have had. Brandy was loyal,loveing & very affectionate. Her life was cut short-she had got off her run and made it out to a main road and was a hit and run victim. Brandy is home with god in heaven that is my only comfort-to know I’ll see my best friend again. I’ll always love her-no dog can ever take her place. I still grieve for her daily. I don’t think that will ever change-I still cry when I see where she was found. I love you Brandy-
and you are always on my mind!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


With all my love to you,
Brandy Frank;in
Jessica Franklin