Brandy Stewardson by Sandra & Dale Stewardson / Forever Mom, Dad and Sissy

We got Brandy when he was 6 wks. old and had him until he was 14 1/2 yrs. old. The best thing about him was he was always there for you no matter what, and no matter what kind of mood you were in. He was the greatest thing that happened to our family, especially since I haven’t been able to work since 1994 and am home every day.

We became very close and even more so, after my mom died 2 yrs. ago from cancer. We spent alot of time doing things together and now I feel so empty inside that I’m not sure I will ever get over this hurdle. I miss him very badly and wish every day for his return. My husband checks in regularly {on a daily basis} to see if I’m alright, some good days, some really bad ones. I look at a collage of pictures I have of Brandy on a regular basis {usually daily} several times sometimes and think about all the good times funny things he did and how our daughter used to dress him in her clothes when she was little, {now 21 yrs} old and
baby of her own.

Brandy like a black and white holstein cow only 60 lbs instead of 300 lbs. He loved going for walks and car rides but hated the vet ride and seemed to know when we were heading there. It’s amazing the unconditional love and affection an animal can bring to you but when they’re gone you feel the world come crashing down especially under my circumstances but hoping
one day it will get better.

It’s only been 4 wks. since that dreadful day but I know in my heart I did the RIGHT thing as they say. I still feel guilty about the right thing to do but know in my heart hes better off now and happy and carefree. He was quite the partier when he was young, lapping up everyones drink if you put it down and beer being his favorite he’d lick the bottle forever to get those few drops out. He used to pre-wash the pots and pans for me and help with the clean up of dishes and what not.

He used to drink out of the toilet, so constantly cleaning it for him. He would leave his “drip lips” on the toilet seat so when you sat down you would get wet. I used to vacuum daily because of shedding year round but now barely touch it and still turn back light on looking for him in the backyard. When will this stop?

I hope you aren’t bored with the babbling on about this baby of mine but he was and still is very important part of this family. We had him cremated to keep him with us and put into an urn. Some people think I’ve lost it, but I feel better knowing he’s still here in this house with me daily and I can still talk to him if I choose to.

We now have an 18 month old grandson and Brandy was constantly following him, to eat his treats and wash his face. Trent still goes through the house dog dog dog dog and we can’t wait for him to be older to explain he’s in heaven now with my mom. You only know what one feels when it happens to you and believe me the pain and emptiness is so overwhelming that it can eat at you forever.

I have dedicated a song I will remember you for my baby Brandy and play it alot but I know he’s still around here and love and miss him so much words cannot describe how one feels but someday I will get over this last hurdle and enjoy life again maybe. Goodbye my baby and please forgive the choice I made for you but the pain and suffering was unbearable for me so I can imagine what it was like for you.


Love hugs and lots of kisses
and cuddles,
Brandy Stewardson
Sandra & Dale Stewardson