Bronwyn Nicole by Arsena McIntire / Mama and Renno

Bronwyn came to me as an 8 week old puppy from the animal shelter. I nursed her through parvo, the first week, then through surgery at six months of age from eating coins and some glass the cats had knocked off the counter. She was ornery, always laughed at me, loved to play on the bed and was such a light in my life. I could sit on the bed with her for hours, watching her…she loved to have her butt smacked in play and would get excited and wiggle and “grin” at me. She loved my 19 year old cat Grandpa and they would play for hours. He would gum her to death and she would let him happily.

On April 21, 2005, we sat on the bed at night for hours playing and giggling and all that good stuff. The next day my friend and I made a trip to Pittsburgh to the aviary. At the last minute I made a bad choice—letting Bronwyn and my 9 year old GSD Renno stay outside in a large fenced in area to enjoy the day. We got home around 4pm and I found Bronwyn on the garage floor where the neighbor had lain her. She had gotten out somehow and been hit by a car, dying almost immediately. I sat there holding her. Renno came up and dropped her tennis ball at Bronnie’s head….Bron was always trying to steal it from Renno. Renn was trying to get her to play….thinking the ball would do the such luck.

My friend Sharon buried Bronwyn at her home in her pet cemetery with her favorite blanket, a can of cat food (she always liked to lick the can clean) and a quarter (symbolizing the coins they took from her belly). There will never be another dog like Bronwyn. For weeks Renno would go outside with me and lay where Bronwyn last lay…she finally got over her. I haven’t.

Memories of her will never fade. Everyday it’s like a fresh new wound but we get by, Renno and I, supporting each other, as only long time friends can. Bronwyn we love you honey!


All Our Love
Bronwyn Nicole
Arsena McIntire