Bruno Aka Toast by Christy / With Love The Whole Gang

I remember the day my aunt got this puppy (Bruno)from MHS in 1995 he was so tiny and full of life. My whole family fell in love with him. This dog was loved so much we basically thought of him as just another family member. Bruno had such a personality. He would seriously get bags under his eyes if he was stressed out it was hilarious. He would also go every where with my aunt and uncle and cousins and could never be left alone. He was that much of a baby.

I remember we had this huge family get together during the summer and the past 3 days he wore a huge necklace (it was actually dragging on the ground) it was so cute. Well sad to say Bruno got really sick, the doctors said he had a liver disease that they couldn’t fix and all they could do was give him pain medication. For the next two weeks Bruno suffered, he lost tons of weight and lost his strength to move around even. My aunt and uncle decided it was time, that he needed
to not suffer anymore.

Today my aunt and uncle took Bruno to the vet and had him put to sleep. That was there last resort. My aunt held him and calmed him while he was slipping away into Gods hands. We will always have memories and thoughts of him as if he wasn’t, and I mean wasn’t “any old dog”.



May god make you an angel,
Bruno Aka Toast