Bruno by Teresa

I will never forget the day we picked you up at the kennel.
You were not my daughters choice but you had such a sad look
on your face I convinced her
“you were the one.”

Your puppy days were spent making messes and harassing our
older dog Bummer. The funny things you did made it hard for
me to discipline you.
Like the day you chased the neighbors pet turkey down the
street with me behind you.
I’ll never forget the time I took you on a business trip.
You got sick and I had to spend hours looking for an all night vet
only to return to my motel and not being able to sleep
for worrying about you.

In 1993 when I went through my divorce you were there & at the
sound of my crying you would run and lie across my body
as if to comfort me.
You never left my side at that time.

It was amazing how you could talk to me in you doggy growls.
When I would go out of town & call home you were perfectly
willing to let someone hold the phone to your ear so
I could say hello.
Your soft growling would let me know that you were
aware of who was at the other end of the phone.

I’m so sorry I was away when you died.
I know you had been struggling to live for quite sometime.
God saw you were getting tired and old.
He gave you to me for over 16 years.
What a blessing!

I cried for weeks after you were gone.
I finally decided I needed another friend so I rescued a
Bruno look alike.
He has been a big help but could never
take your place.

I have had wonderful dreams about you.
You are asleep on a shelf with many other dogs as
if they are all waiting for their masters.
A voice tells me to touch you.
I stroke your head and you awake.

We run and play in a meadow & then I awake.
I hope this dream comes true.
I hope dogs do get to go to heaven with their masters.

I love you Bruno.