Bubba by lea doughty / Your temporary mom

I had a cat so big and strong, his name was Bubba and he came from afar. Tattered and torn he was a terrible sight, lots of love and care made him a great delight. He knew he was safe and lived life to the fullest until he stopped eating and that made me worry. My beautiful Bubba was sick indeed, Aids and Leukemia what a dreaded disease. Pound by pound he withered away my heart broke constantly every day. I cried and cried but to no avail Bubba was terminal and I was scared. My friend my companion my loved one too. the hardest thing I had to do, was say good bye to my Bubba who,was the love of my life and my best freind too.
Bubba’s mom LEA


God Bless all our special family members,
18, Nov 2003
lea doughty