Bubbles by Jessica / Jess

I was doing a project about Fighting fish, for the science fair when……. I had to go to the washroom.(I asked someone to help me look after it) Well , you should easliy guess, that person goofed off.

Well, I came back just in time to see a 7th Grader throwing my beautiful blue fish on the floor. When I went home……. it died. And so did the small piece of love that I had for it.

When he left, my mom bought me 3 more fighting fish. 2 females and 1 male. Now I only have 1 female. Whom I named Beauty. (the other 2 are called Fighter and Tiffany) I know they are just fish to some of you. But, they are a part of me. I will miss you 3 fish forever. I hope u will be there when it is my time to go……. All of the fish that passed on….
may god be with you.


You'll always be in my heart~