Bucky by Rhonda Potter / Mommy

The anniversary of the day I lost you is approaching near. I can tell you are all around me, the jingle of your collar
I often hear.

I think of you every day,
still wondering why God had to take you away.

Jacky is here by my side trying to fill the void. Bucky, he is so much like you more and more everyday I can only beleive that you are here watching over me and
coaching him all the way.

Our lives have changed so much
but my life you have forever touched.

I still whisper “Mommy needs Love” but today no one hears. Just the sounds of life passing as I wipe away my tears. Mommy misses you so much but it is time yet again for me to say goodbye, time to give it one more try One more try to go another day with out everyone seeing me cry…


Missing you,
8, July 2006
Rhonda Potter