Bucky by Sandy and Family / Your mama

Oh, my little Spuk-nit, how I still remember you. Of how we used to play together when I was 3 year old. I used to go out to your little dog house and fit with you to lay with you. I still remember how we used to play. You are outgoing, people-loving dog. You never has problem and never been to vet. One year you did catch something that really killed puppies. Mom called it Scampers. There’s a another word for it but it’s long. When you has cute puppies that one year from that friendly chow you met along the way and you all the sudden has puppies by him. And they were about 6 week.

They all caught the Scamper and you did too. But you got better faster. But none of your 7 babies but one have survive. We kept your son, Poky. Then your health were good again just like old time. You have had alot of puppies during your past year of life. You had good life with me. Oh how I wish you are still here to see your beautiful, granddaughter and great granddaughter that we have right now.. Named Patches and Peewee.. Peewee remind me of you. She’s following your footstep although she will never replace you. Or never the same like you. I miss you so much.. You was my First dog ever before I was even born. You were 2 year old when I was born. OH how I missed your kisses and hug when I’m down and sad, that I go out to you and talk to you. But suddenly, time came that you have been called to home in heaven to be with Jesus
on early Christmas Morning of 1998.

You has a good life girl.. I came out to meet you to bring your Christmas present like I always have, your favorite.. beef bones. And I realize you were laying there stiff and won’t come to me. It was a bad Christmas year for me. and it took a while to get over almost half of year. I was 14 year old still loving you as my pet. NO! NO! NO! YOU were more than a pet, you were my best friend, my best companion, the best kisser, the bestest of best friend I ever has.

16 years of being together, or should say that we has best 12 years being together. Because you were 2 year old before i was born. I really misses you girl. I hope you are free of pains and hurts. Are very happy with your sons and daughters, including our beloved, your son Poky and your Daughter, Spotcan.. Please wait for me when my time is up. Love you my little spit-nit, ha hah.. I used to love calling you that.. (tearing and smiling)


With full of love,
25, Dec 1998
Sandy and Family