Bud by Claudia



November 1 1985 ----- June 17 1999

Border Collie


An Empty Space


I wish that our Lord above could come and sit with me,

And tell me of his future plans for my best friend you see.

I'm not quite sure how to go on or where to go from here,

I've never had to function without my best friend there.


Bud my friend you were a gift from only God above,

For it was you who showed me the meaning of the word love.

The love you gave so freely never had strings attached,

I wonder if you knew my friend your love will not be matched.


So many things you taught me patience and love but a few,

Loyalty and compassion and to be so proud of you.

You never judged as we humans do; your goodness showed on your face,

Is it true my friend your journey takes you to a better place.


I'll love you always my best friend and I want to be sure you know,

I'm grateful to you for letting me know that it was your time to go.

That decision will haunt me but at the same time I knew,

You didn't deserve one minute of pain and I felt that I owed that to you.


Is it true what they say Bud that we will meet again,

But will you know it's me Bud it's your best friend.

I wish for the answers to all these questions that I face,

To know that you are okay and in a better place.


The bond that we shared I know is a mystery to all,

Will you still hear me Bud should I need to call.

I will have to continue with this hugh empty space,

It's reserved just for you as none can take your place!