Budder {Bud} Dolin by Dennis Dolin / Your Best Friend Dennis!

10/5/2003 8:35 PM Dedicated To:
My Best Friend Bud! 9-15-1990 to 9-08-2003

Once in my life, I was brought a bundle of fur
that gave me great joy!
He had six toes, a pink nose was black and white,
and was a boy!
He was so small he fit in the palm of my hands and I fed him with love and great care!
I named my cat Bud and
he was a beautiful domestic long hair!

We lived close together and shared special times!
At 20.5 pounds he was very special and one of a kind!
He liked to watch the birdies take a bath in the sun.
And lay on the back porch rail, to him that was fun!

We took walks on the leash, but not very often.
Sometimes he would pull a little to hard and start coughing.
But home and my heart is where he loved to rest his head.
But treatment by bad vets has prematurely left him dead!

I thought we would live and grow very old together.
He was a week from turning 13 and now he is in Heaven.
My memories of my best friend will be ever lasting.
I’ve lost my appetite too and now I am fasting!

He was so sick he lost 5 pounds before he departed!
An ear infection and broken eardrum ECT.. The terror had just started.
We both fought hard for 4 to 5 weeks and knew his surroundings even while he was so weak!
The last days were the toughest for me and him; the vets I took him to committed a moral sin.

I will never forget my best friend and my God my best pal!
Together in life we had such a howl!
He was treated like a king, and I always watched his back.
His love was unconditional and he never showed any slack!


Budder (Bud) Dolin 9-15-1990 to 9-08-2003 he was the best thing in the world that ever happened to me.


With Heart Broken Love!
Budder {Bud} Dolin
8, Sep 2003
Dennis Dolin