Your mind my touchstone
harbor sound and kind-

Your heart the single
truest thing I’ve known-
Protector counselor
sister daughter friend-
Unfailing and sustaining
to the end.

Come back to me!
Dissolve this constant ache
With wise eyes
lion heart and gentle faith
With fierce devotion
burning loyalty-
I’m lost because you
are not here with me.

In dreams I catch
a glimpse of you across
A grassy field
beneath a summer sky
A sweet breeze lifts
your hair and softly moves
The daffodils in
cheerful saffron crowds

Come closer now
– your amber eyes find mine-
My heart explodes
with unsuspected joy-
Your ruffled hair is
swirling’round you when
You canter up
to meet me once again.

Written by Lori Amundson

In tribute to Buddy
soulmate and angel

To Barb Landis


May 1997