Dec. 1 1996 —– June 26 2000


I got Buddy one freezing Indiana winter day.

My friend and I walked into a bird only pet store just to look

and the owner said he had a bird that wouldn’t “empty” and that

I could have her if I wanted because he didn’t want to put

any money into trying to get her better.

I took her because I can never pass by an animal in need.

That started my wonderful journey with Buddy.

Buddy was a beautiful Cockatiel with yellow gray white and

orange colors. I found out from the vet that not “emptying”

meant that food was just sitting in her crop and not going to

her stomach like it should.

Yeast in the crop is what prevented the food from moving.

I gave her medicine to fight the yeast for weeks.

We had ups and downs with her health but she finally pulled through.

Buddy always said “Good morning” when I’d take the cover

off her cage.

She could whistle several different tunes as well as blow kisses.

She had a big stuffed tweety bird that she liked to sit on and

she loved to look into snow globes.

Her favorite toy was a yellow and red train with a blue smoke stack.

She would sit on it for hours and even take naps on it.

Buddy and I had a special bond that could never be broken.

Even when I gave her medicine she was always my friend right afterwards.

Buddy was doing great health wise until June 26 2000.

When I uncovered her cage in the morning she acted wobbly and tired.

I knew something was wrong so I took her to the vet.

Buddy died that day at 3:50 p.m. It was her kidneys they weren’t

working and she couldn’t hold on any longer.

I will miss her forever.

Nothing is the same now that my little friend is gone.

I miss you Buddy.

Marcia Stone