Buddy by Karen Dilbeck / Mommy


This was Buddy’s yard,
This was Buddy’s home,
This was where Buddy lived,
Now I’m all alone.
These were Buddy’s toys,
That was Buddy’s bed.
Buddy was my friend,
Now my friend is dead.
Dear one,
You’re missed so much,
My hands would linger,
To feel your touch.
I shall not see,
Your face again,
Looking at me
With that precious grin.
Deeply bereft,
Your presence so missed,
My precious boy
Your still brow I kissed.
As I say goodbye,
To you one last time,
Oh cruel love
That wrote this rhyme.
The pain intense
The feelings real
My little dog
How much pain I’ll feel
Until one day,
We shall reunite,
In love’s embrace,
And dawn’s light.


I love you forever!
2, Apr 2009
Karen Dilbeck