Buddy by Karissa Thomas / mommy

When God chose me to be your mom
And you chose me too
My heart became over joyed
With love from me to you
You always were my silent one
No toys were liked to play
You loved your walks and car rides though
So we did tried to in some way
You smiled when you were hungry
Or glad to see a friend or two
You loved to nuzzle for more love
And I gladly gave it to you
You were the dominant one
Who like to sit back and watch the fun
The day you stopped getting on the bed
I knew what was ahead
The day you stopped eating
It really came true
I knew I wouldn’t have much more time with you
I hugged you so tightly and massaged you all day
Just waiting for that horrible day
I made the call to take you in
I didn’t want my time with you to end
I knew it was time and so I did my deed
To send you to Heaven, to cry and plea
No more would I hold you
No more could we cuddle
The table below you
Had tears that were puddles
You are my handsome boy
And always will be
But now you can play
On the bridge and be free
Say hi to the others
Of plenty you’ll see
And take care of each other
With kisses to you from me

I will always love you


Always in my heart
22, July 2014
Karissa Thomas