Buddy by kerri,liz,tom,derek,ryan,gramma&collin / Kerri

On December 30th we were given a beloved dog named Buddy by a person who is also an angel now. I remember him talking (yes talking, he was very opinionated) and the many kisses to make me smile through my tears. So many conversations we had, and through them all those big brown eyes that looked so human and so understanding gazed at me as though he felt my pain. Buddy was a dog like no other, and none can replace him ever.

I always loved on those cold winter nights how he would curl himself up behind my legs(or under the blanket if he chose) to keep me warm. It brings a smile to my face thinking about him sitting on the couch and leaning back to “sit like a people”, the statement “dog is man’s best friend” is definitely an understatement as far as I am concerned.

Roberta, the angel who gave us our priceless Buddy, had no idea that she was giving us a gift that would live on long after she. Buddy changed our lives as nothing else could. I will now look for feathers from Buddy, as I’m sure Roberta will show him the tricks of the trade. Boy I could sure use some of those kisses right now Buddy; it’s getting hard to see through my tears.

He changed my life as nothing or no one else could, there is now a piece of my family missing as well as a piece of my heart. So many memories, so much love. Buddy will live on in our hearts until we meet again on that rainbow bridge. What I wouldn’t give to have those big brown eyes looking back at me once more. Some day…..


Forever in my heart......