Buddy the second by Sandy / Your mama

Buddy came in my life as little hatchling baby for first time. I fell in love with him first time he came out of the nest.. Cute Grey white color baby (back of the cage with white one).. When i notice, I decided to keep him and named him Buddy. Although he will never be tame but I love him anyway. He’s wild at heart and I respect him. I used to remember (sorry I’m crying, I’m having hard time to write)…

I used to remember how fun he was when he sing and swing. Of how cute he was I knew right from the start that I wanted him to raised a families too just like his mother and father, Tigger and Snow. Sadly Snow his mother passed away somewhere in fall of 2006. Me and buddy talked (although I can’t understand him) I would just talk to him. He is more of family to me and he can’t tell secrets. lol..

Well, unexpected happen, I was gonna put fresh water in that day on September 28th, 2007. I found him laying and dying on the bottom of cage (sorry crying again).. I grab him fast as I could and found that water were dried. I don’t know why, I just put in fresh water the day before? I don’t understand… So I rushed him to get little bit of fluid in his mouth and tried to revive him. He Died instantly in my hand before I even get fluid in his mouth. I WAS SO ANGRY!! I lost my best friend. I LOST HIM! I was so angry at water feeder. I’m so angry at myself! Why Buddy, Why?? Why did you have to leave??! I’m so so Sorry.

I wish the time pull back to point I find you and give you fresh water. I’m so sorry Buddy. Sorry buddy I’m crying so hard right now. You passed away Because of me! It hurt so much at same time when I cry for you. I need to figure out why water dried too fast. Because of me he had died. It my fault, I’m’ so sorry buddy!. I just can’t get over it. I raised you out of egg and raised you. Buddy, you left behind a good friend, your mama, Your female and your new 3 feathered babies (coming out nest now).

If your Babies survive at least your female Snowflake stilling feeding them without you, I will keep one in memories of you, and name him Buddy Jr. the Third. Although he will never replace you in my heart. Buddy if you hear me I wanted to say I’m so sorry, and to say I love you. At least you’re not hurting anymore.

Fly free but wait for me when I come home to be with you in heaven.. I will miss you alot.. We has a good 2 years together. Wishes it were longer.


With love,
Buddy the second
28, Sep 2007