Buffy by Combs


" Buffy "

Aug. 1981 ----- Oct. 11 1998



My Golden Eyed Ray of Sunshine


When I found you you were so sick and barely alive;

I wasn't sure if you would even survive.


But survive you did for 17 years;

You brought happiness and laughter and now you bring tears.


We battled together to fight the fight;

You knew I would help you when the time was right.


Our last morning together was peaceful and warm;

The sun knew today was a day to mourn.


So Mr. Sun shone bright and after a while;

While lying in the sun I think that I actually saw you smile.


A slight breeze was blowing we didn't have a care;

Then I saw you open your eyes prick you ears and sniff the air.


Did you see someone or something there in the trees?

Were they beckoning to join them as soon as you please?


As I knelt down beside you and laid you on the grass;

Your vet was beside me awaiting the task.


I told him it's time and I tried to be strong;

I told you I loved you and then you were gone.


Across Rainbow Bridge is where you have gone;

To go be with Peanut she's been waiting so long.


And now that your earthly bonds have been released;

You and Peanut can once again play romp and feast.


I know when my time comes you will be there;

Rubbing and purring cause we won't have a care.