Bunnykins by Alissa Smith / Alissa

Bunnykins was my second bunny. My first escaped. Bunnykins was just a baby when we first got him. We thought he was a girl until his cage companion had babies. The kittens and the mother both died and my heart was torn. But not as much as when Bunnykins himself died. I was on a trip when it happened. I will probably never forgive myself for not being there for him.

What inspired me to write this today (as it has been a year since he passed) was the fact that Pumpkin one of my baby bunnies died today. He is the third to die since Bunnykins and it was just too much. Patch died weeks after Bunnykins, and Pumpkin’s sybling, Nestle, died weeks before him. Three bunnies are left, Bee, Chip, and Daisy. My message to Bunnykins is this: I love and miss you. Take care of everyone for me and wait for me. Give them all my love.


With everlasting love and sadness,
Alissa Smith