Buster by Dave & Patty / Mommy & Daddy & Tosha

My Beloved Buster
by Patty Powers

How can I explain what you was to me?
You was the best dog you could be.
You loved to play and tug
and you sure wouldn’t pass up a hug.
You was my protector when needed
and you always succeeded
to get my attention
and not to mention
a kiss or two on my cheek.
And then you would be off to play
and you and Tosha would be at it all day
then you was so tired at night
when you went to bed and was out like a light.
Then you became sick
and I thought it was a trick
but you was not getting better.
I took you to the vet
and I was not going to bet
that your seizures would stop
and you would be tip top.
The doctor came in and said
as she bowed her head
I’m sorry to say he is not doing well
and I could tell
by the look on her face
It was taking him at a fast pace
I took care of him as I should
I fed him and helped him all I could.
His seizures grew worse and they tore him apart
It was absolutely breaking my heart.
I knew it was coming soon that we would have to part.
I cried every day as he lay
in his bed
I wished it could have been me instead.
I hugged him and kissed him
and told him I loved him everyday.
And if he felt like it he could just give up and fade away.
But he loved us so and wouldn’t let go.
And I had to make that awful decision
It was something I was wishing
That I wouldn’t have to do
Because it tore me up and made me so blue.
The day I took you you laid in our bed
and you wouldn’t even so much as lift your head.
I think you knew
that it was threw.
You passed over the rainbow bridge
And I promised you I would be with you someday
When you went away.
And I will cross that bridge that is over the ridge
to see you “My Beloved Buster” someday.

I love you and miss you deeply!


The Angels are watching over you now
13, May 2000
Dave & Patty